What's keeping me busy....

The interior decor of Pasta Box

Hello to all!

I know it's been a while and I'm so sorry for this long hiatus. If you have been following up my blog you know the reason of my absence is the restaurant that I was putting up. And now I cannot wait to share with you my baby project; the Pasta Box. I credit all these wonderful photos to Ms. Tricia de Ocampo and her wonderful blog who recently organized a birthday party at our pasta bar.

Our take-away boxes for pasta thus the name pasta box......

One of our best-seller Popeye's favorite; spinach, sundried tomato in a creamy basil pesto sauce

Some nachos to keep you busy while waiting for our pasta

Another favorite in our pasta bar, Seafood Pomodoro with mozzarella cheese

The celebrant who looks very happy.....

To know more about my pasta bar add us in your FB account :-)...more stories and cooking to come up!!!