Asian Noodle Soup and Malaysian Postcards

Malaysia- It is not so long ago when I visited this beautiful part of Asia and wondered at the beauty of the mixture of it's culture: Malay, Chinese and Indian. And I tell you I still have the taste of this delicious noodle soup I had at that small village while waiting for our train. Those moments are priceless! After so long hiatus ( a rollercoaster ride of adventure) I'm glad to announce that my kitchen is back! See you all soon!

Asian Noodle Soup

for 4 persons

1 pack of rice noodle soup
1 liter of chicken stock
200 g of ground pork
8 pieces of fish balls
2 teaspoons of Fish sauce
2 tablespoons of garlic oil
some Bok choy or young spinach leaves for garnishing

1. Cook the noodles as per direction.
2. In another casserole boil the chicken stock. Add the ground pork and the fish balls. Season with fish sauce to taste.
3. Put the noodles in their individual bowl. Scoop a soup, the ground, and some fish balls. Garnish with bok choy leaves and garlic oil on the top

The colorful kelantan market of Kota Baru

The beautiful muslim city of Kota baru

Cafeteria Malaysian style

Tea plantation Cameron Highlands