Holiday Cheers

Here's a toast to all my gorgeous and cool blogging friends all over the world. Thank you for inspiring me with your creative recipes and for your "always" encouraging comments. Meeting you all virtually has made my daily life not only delicious but extremely exciting.

Thank you so much for making Dhanggit's Kitchen a part of your blogging life too.

May you all have happiness, serenity and an amazing 2009 ahead of you!

Nutella Mango Cake and a Hug

"Oh my gosh, this till death do us part business is driving me nuts"

As I was reading two letters of confessions from two good friends, one putting question her decision to tie the knot few years back while the other one is jubilant about her up coming wedding their fears, their excitements, their love story and the exorbitant expenses involved, I couldn't help but think of that. I'm pretty sure they were both dismayed by the shortness of my reply, "oh, so the rumor is true."

Not that I don't like minding other's businesses specially when they are the one asking for it. It 's just that I'm not very good at this domain, I mean "giving advice". Especially for a relationship that turned into vinegar is quite risky to interfere. If my dad would still be alive he'll definitely advice me to tell them "do not just look into the future but cherish also the past." Because considering all the elements involve always help us in making sound decision. And he'll insist that I show them my support.

After having this reflection I decided to send them both card of encouragement. For one great lesson in life that I have learned when my dad passed away is that it makes a big difference to know that we are not alone when we are up against a difficulty.

It is not everyday that we can put a smile on someone else's face or a tap of encouragement on someone else's shoulder. But it is today that I am sending someone a virtual hug. A hug of encouragement, a hug of love and a hug of support for Barbara of Winos and Foodies, the wonderful creator behind the successful Hay Hay it's Donna Day blog event.
Many have already particitipated in sending in their virtual hug of support to Barbara who has been undergoing chemotheraphy for the last few weeks. A big thanks to this wonderful idea of Bron and Ilva for creating this big circle of virtual love.

Hang on there Barbara, you are not alone :-) Here's a Big Hug for you.

Nutella Mango Cake

2 1/2 cups of cake flour
1 cup of sugar
2 tablespoons of Nutella chocolate spread
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
60 g of butter
a pinch of salt
1 teaspoon of baking powder
2 eggs
about half a cup of milk
2 ripe mangoes (peeled and cut in cubes)
10 g of butter for caramelising the mangoes

Start by melting the ten grams of butter and caramelising the mangoes in a pan. On another saucepan, melt the rest of the butter with cocoa powder and nutella chocolate. Do not let it boil. You just need to melt the chocolate. In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar, salt and eggs. Mix well. Add the milk. Put in the melted chocolate and the caramelised mangoes. Mix until it becomes homogenous. Pour on your greased desired baking pan and bake for about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the size at 180° celsius.

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Coconut and Vanilla Flan with Chocolate Hot Fudge and a Birthday

When blowing candles is a thing of the past......

If it's true what they say that gifts are just for children, I would never be this excited. Well this must be the child in me. After long weeks of waiting and thousands of kilometers of separation, my birthday and Christmas gifts from my family in the Philippines finally arrived. Courtesy of the generosity of a friend blogger who spend a vacation there few days ago.

As I opened the package I have this unexplainable excitement in me. For eversince as a kid I had this bonus of receiving two gifts in December; one for my birthday and the other for Christmas. Except of course for those "Uncle & Auntie Scroogies" who offered me one stuff for the two. Deciphering what's the best strategy to untangle the perhaps three or four rolls of packaging tapes my sister sealed the package I glanced over my overly excited daughter and the mocking eyes of my husband. That even without opening his mouth I knew what he was thinking. "Those would be adorable, useless and what on earth would you use that for gifts!" :-) Anyways I took them out one by one from the package: my favorite natural papaya soap, some Filipino delicacies that are stenchy but yummy, a small cute pink flashlight in a form of a finger, a handkerchief? Oh well that was what I thought it was after realising that it was a backless blouse. (I swear it looked like a handkerchief). Hubby was giggling while the little one grabs every occassion she could take one.

I decided eventually to take a pause and continue my gift opening operation later when my audience will be sleeping. For the two won't leave me in peace. Hubby hugged me and kissed me and told me that he'll buy me a great birthday gift. "But I loved my gifts.", I replied. My family and close friends knew that I like simple stuffs. Price has never been the issue for it is always the thought that counts. Don't they?

For the past three days since I opened that package, hubby has been bugging me on what birthday present I wanted him to buy. I really don't know what to tell him for at this point in life I really feel I already have all the things I need. He knew that I don't like jewelries (not so fan of gold nor diamonds) maybe that's the reason he married me in the first place (hehehe):-). I don't like fancy cars neither. He's thinking of buying me a BMW but I guess I need to pass my license first :-) hehehe. As he interrogates me on this, it made me think a recent incident, when a friend visited the new house and remarked that I don't have a dishwasher (well she continues to tease me on this :-) as I write this blog). I wanted so much to tell her, that it's not really important for me. It's definitely no problem with me washing the dishes with my hand. In fact, the mere presence of a clear running water from the faucet at my fingertips is enough to make me happy. It's already a slice of heaven compared to what I lived when I was a kid. I grew up fetching and washing the dishes in the nearby common water pump. I've seen worse I mean.

Hubby insisted that I tell him the gift I want. "A new frying pan.", I said. "It's not a birthday gift.", he answered back. How about a new, salad bowl, I replied with enthusiasm. "Are you serious, it's not expensive enough!" He blurted. "Hmmm, Peace on earth.". I answered with a grin. He looked at me seriously. "If you don't tell me today you won't have a gift", he said.
Ouch, you think he's serious? Any suggestions?

I'm sending off some of this heart shaped flan over at Lore's Original Recipe Event. For more original recipes check out the round-up.

I spare you guys from counting how many candles I had on my cake, here is my Coconut Vanilla Flan

Coconut Vanilla Flan Recipe

6 egg yolks

2 whole eggs

100 grams of sugar

1 vanilla pod or 3 drops of vanilla essence

200 ml of coconut cream

150 ml of fresh cream

for the caramel: 50 grams of sugar with 75 ml of water

Stir the sugar in the water and pour it in a casserole. Cook over medium fire without stirring. Wait until the syrup becomes sticky and golden brown in color. Set it aside.

optional: Chocolate hot fudge

Beat all the egg yoks with sugar until they become creamy. Add the 2 white eggs and continue mixing. Cut the vanilla pod, take out the grain and mix it with the coconut cream and fresh cream. Pour the liquid over your beaten eggs and sugar. Pour your premade caramel on your ramekin. Laddle some flan mixture on it. Cook in the oven at about 180 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes. Let it cool and chill overnight. Serve with hot chocolate fudge.

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