Dinuguan "Pork Blood Stew"

There has been an abrupt silence in my blogsphere. It is not because of my perennial indolence nor my blogging mood that picks up from time to time to be blamed for this. It is also not because that we are still enjoying a warm sunny weather here in the South that pushed me into quasi-hiatus. No nope, I was not sunbathing reading my favorite novel all this time.

I hope that was really the case, but no. My daughter was sick for a week. I think this is hardest part of being a parent. When you see them suffer and all you can do is to force them to take their medicine against their will. Every medication time is a non-stop wrestling, a pinch in parents' hearts and liters of tears from the little one.

She's doing great now and so are the parents. It is true indeed that on trying times like this we could seek comfort from our favorite dishes. It's been a decade seen I tasted a bowl of dinuguan (pork blood stew) one of my auntie's speciality. My version was still far from her but every spoonful of it was a bed of roses.

I am sending this to Laura of Spiced Life for her October Family Recipes, blog event. You have until October 31st to send in your best family recipes. I added up some of our latest Sunday promenade in the woods.

Dinuguan "Pork Blood Stew"

This Filipino dish normally uses pork innards and fresh pork blood. My version used only pork and Boudin Noir (pork blood sausage) we could find easily in French butcher shops.

half a kilo of pork tender part cut in small cubes
2 Boudin Noir (pork blood sausage)
2 garlic pounded
1 onion sliced
1 teaspoon of grated ginger
2 tablespoons of olive oil
2 tablespoons of apple vinegar (you can use any type of light vinegar)
half a cup of pork broth

In a casserole, sauté garlic, onion and ginger with olive oil. Add you pork. Continue stirring until the pork has changed color. Peel your boudin noir, smash it with fork and add it in your casserole. Continue stirring. Pour your pork broth and let it simmer for fifteen minutes. Before turning off the fire, add your vinegar, pepper and salt to taste.


♥peachkins♥ said...

Its nice to know that your little one is well. The dinuguan looks great. I wish I could try those blood sausages..

veron said...

glad to hear your daughter is feeling better. I've never eaten dinuguan, this was the one of the dishes that I grew up around with but never ate. I know given the chance I'm going to try this next time.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I hope your daughter is feeling better now...

That dish must taste really good! I love boudin noir!



Gloria said...

Oh my dear Dhanggit sorry the little Myaumi was sick, really I suffer a lot when kids are sick and they have 15 years!!! yes be parents is a blessing but really we suffer always!! huggss I love she is well now!
Lovely dish dear hermana and I hope to participate in this lovely and nice event with a family' recipe of my Grand Mom.

Huggs!! gloria

Little Corner of Mine said...

Glad that she is well now. And I love the pictures, so peaceful. But no pork blood for me. :P

_ts of [eatingclub] vancouver said...

What a decidedly French touch with the boudin noir! =)

WizzyTheStick said...

I love love love Boudin noir which is called blood pudding in the Caribbean. I have never had it in a soup though. Looks good. Must give it a try in soup one day.

Cynthia said...

Glad to hear that the little one is feeling much better now.

I would have loved to taste this stew.

Anh said...

I hope things are better now!

Love the serenity of the view there. This dish is not in my zone, but it looks lovely indeed. You should feature more traditional recipes on your blog!

Manggy said...

Oh no, Mayumi seems a bit sickly, but I'm glad she is better... With mum's love of course :) I've never eaten dinuguan before (chicken!!) but someday I will!

haze said...

I'll do this today, mouth-watering recipe! I'm glad Yumi feels better ;)!

Laura in Paris said...

Good that your have no more worries with your little one's health. I like blood sausage, have it once in a while when I know the "charcuterie" I'm buying from; have never had it this way. Gotta try.

Adam said...

I'm probably going to be doing alot of stews when the weather turns colder. I used to cringe at the "blood" stuff, but now I realize it's kinda an old Europe thing, which I think is really cool.

Hope all is well, have a great weekend :)

tigerfish said...

Glad your little one is well now.
Never tried pork blood stew :O

tracieMoo said...

Hello, I have passed you an award. Feel free to pick it up from my blog =)

Erika said...

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