Tardy Weird Meme & My Weird Click Photo Entry

Well this is quite a tardy post on the "Weird Meme" that Happy Cook tagged me. I would rather say that these are more of 7 "weird" trivial facts about me. Have fun reading this and enjoy my photo entry too for this Click's monthly photo challenge on Liquid Comfort.

Feeling Picasso: Cobweb of chocolate sauce and honey
my liquid comfort

1. The day I was born in the hospital, when the nurses asked what name they chose for me: my dad replied that he wanted to name me after her favorite sexy star (sorry I don't wanna tell); saved by my mom who insisted that I be named after the movie of their favorite actress Rita Hayworth instead. They agreed to drop the "G" and instead use "H" thinking it was much unique at that time. Whew!

2. My husband and I have one big peculiarity; he is twelve inches taller than I am. We are truly a "Mutt and Jeff" couple, after all, all is fair in love. In case you are wondrin, I am five-footer :-)

3. I'm acrophobic, I have extreme fear of heights that extremely manifest when I'm boarded a plane. Not a shot of vodka nor a good movie could wipe away my fears. So for someone who majored in Tourism (I even have MA in Management of Tourism), who loves travelling and travels at least once a year overcoming this phobia is always a big problem. Any suggestions?

4. Long before I started blogging, I was a designer of fairtrade fashion clothes. I put up a cooperative of dressmakers in a poor neighborhood of Philippines while products were marketed here in Europe. Fashion shows, exhibits, autumn-winter collections, spring-summer collections were my kind of thing. But when I got pregnant I realised I'm not tailored for this kind of fast-phased profession. Anyways, we're never to old to start anew.

5. People say I have a very good voice. I always doubted it until one day when I was spotted singing at a lobby of a 5-star hotel (my friend's dad plays piano regularly there). I was offered to be a lead singer of a band. I refused it. Sometimes I wonder what could have been had I not. In case you are wondrin, I have a very husky voice :-) (a cross breed between toni braxton & lauryn hill :-) he he he

6. I sing while I cook. Its obvious these are my two passions after showering with kisses my daughter :-)

7. I'm sometimes dyslexique, I love zombie movies and I read my cookbooks when I am sad.

Hope you liked it. I'm not tagging anybody but if you want to do this meme serve yourself :-)


Gloria Baker said...

Dear Dhanggit so lovely your meme!!! I like to sing when I cook and I put music, I have a radio at the kitchen.I discover that I a maniatic at the kitchen when are other people (except Mom) disturb me!! Maybe I'm old!!! Gloria xxxx

Finla said...

Love the meme. Wow you gave up your chance to be a leading singer.
The second one is so funny. I like the expression Mutt and Jeff :-)

Anita said...

You missed one - you are an artist too! That composition is really artistic!

bee said...

beautiful pic. what do we have to do to get you to post an mp3 file of your singing voice?

Oggi said...

I too would like to hear a "sample" recording.:)
I'll see if I could think of 7 weird things about me, I'm pretty boring and little bit of a dork, heheh.

Big Boys Oven said...

So cool! Am I in cyberspace?

Chibog in Chief said...

Gloria, we should do a singing duet while cooking !!hehehehe

Happycook, being a singer probably was never meant for me..about the mutt and jeff couple. ;hahahaha !!

Anita, thanks im deeply touched !

Bee, let me think about the mp3.. 

Oggi, cant wait to read your meme too..im a dork too most of the time hahahaha

Bigboysoven, nope you’re reading my deepest secrets.. ;

Susan said...

Your meme was such fun to read, Dhanggit. Thanks for sharing!

BTW, there are several non-medication therapeutic approaches for fear of flying, such as eye movement desensitization and relaxation techniques. These are skills that can be learned. You may want to consider consulting a behavioral professional who specialized in phobias. Good luck, dear!

Chibog in Chief said...

hi susan, you really think there's remedy to my flying problems..its really my biggest problem everytime :-( in few weeks time we'll be taking the plane to see my dad...just the thought of the plane scares me a lot :-( snif, snif.. thanks for your advise :-)

desie said...

funny meme. a singing cook, wow. what a lovely home atmosphere you must have.
as you can see, i am only catching up on reading my favourite blogs. one more week before i go back to work :(