Artichokes, Bacon, Cheese Muffin and trimming your Artichoke

Eveything you like in one plate; Artichokes, bacon and cheese muffin, nothing else.

I just thought that artichokes in salty muffins would be great.

I thought, I imagined and I was right.

Say I do, to this lovely flowers....

A week before we left for vacation, our market was teeming with green asparagus, bloody red strawberries and our famous southern france violet artichokes. I thought I will miss the chance to enjoy them since we will be in vacation for three weeks. But I didn't.
I was lucky to still find some reasonably priced from my favorite farmer in the market. Although they were probably the last batch of his harvest but nonetheless I was excited for I didn't get to miss the chance to savor them this year. Provencal's violet artichokes compared to the big normal green artichokes are much smaller and much tender. From most of the people I know who are big fan of artichokes I don't know one who knows how to turn them around (tourner des artichauts) , the french cooking terminology to trim artichokes. So I just thought, It would be great to share this thing I've learned from one of the episodes of Joel Robuchon's cooking show.

The art of trimming violet artichokes:

1. You start with your artichoke and your knife.

2. Cut off the stem

3. Take off one by one with your hand the hard tiny leaves around your artichoke. You will continue until the tender leaves appears.

4. Trim the base of your violet artichokes with a knife.

5. Cut the remaining part of the artichoke with a sharp knife.

6. This will give you this result. Contrary to big green artichokes the small violet ones are much tender and does not require scooping the hairy fiber because it doesn't have one.

7. Cut them at your desired sizes. To avoid discoloration plunge them in water with lemon juice.

And for our recipe,

Artichoke, Bacon and Cheese Muffin

200 g of flour
2 eggs
1 sachet of baking powder
25 g of butter
25 cl of milk
2 tbsps of youghurt (optional to add fluffy texture)
6 heads of violet artichokes (trimmed and cut thinly)
200 g of Lardon (you can use bacon)
150 g of grated Gruyere cheese
some thymes and rosemary

In a pan cook the artichokes and bacon over medium fire. Add the herbes to flavor up the artichokes and bacon. Cook until artichoke is tender and bacon have changed color. In a bowl mix the eggs, melted butter and the dry ingredients (flour and bakign powder until it becomes homegenous. I added up two tablespoons of yogurt to make my dough soft and airy. I add little by little the milk until the dough is perfect mixed. Fold in the artichokes, bacon andcheese. I didn't add salt because French lardon are already too salty but if you will be using normal bacon you can add salt depending on your taste. Bake in muffin pans for 20- 25 minutes at 180 degrees celsius. Best eaten with green salad or to accompany your fried or grilled chicken.

One sexy little muffin....

For my french readers, the french version of this muffin recipe is here:


Sidney said...

De la haute cuisine!
Makes me hungry!

Barbara said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Gorgeous artichokes. Aren't natures colours just the best?

chriesi said...

Indeed sexy!

Peter M said...

I love how you fanned the artichokes on top of the muffin. This is unconventional, seasonal and fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Dhanggit that looks sooooo yummy! I love artichokes! One day I swear I'll find a fresh one and cook it, haha! :)

Gloria Baker said...

Love artichokes!! and yes is soooo sexy!!!! xxx Gloria

Deborah said...

Those artichokes are gorgeous, and the muffins sound amazing!

Gloria Baker said...

Dhanggit when you can see my blog I tag you a meme, is so simple but you choose if like answer and talk about your lovely recipes.xxxGloria

Suzana said...

Definitely very sexy! Lovely combination and so elegant. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Nice combo with the 'chokes, cheese, and bacon dhanggit!

MPG said...

Hold the bacon, but the rest it too appealing :) And, thanks for showing the steps for the's one big reason I avoid them :-/ I did make the tiny violet ones recently and they were amazing! You are back & busy in the kitchen, hope you had fun...gonna check out your vacay post next!

Anonymous said...

This is generally how I judge food:

Artichoke, good!
Bacon, good!
Cheese, good!
Muffin, good!

Mix it together and voila, a little something calling my name. I must try this.

I am also intrigued by your previous entry. I am a BIG apple pie fan, but coming in at a very very close second is a strawberry & rhubarb pie (I love how the differing tastes complement each other).

You know what, forget what I said, they're equal in my book:)

Looks like I visited your site at just the right time:)

Anonymous said...

Thae muffins look delicious. I'll have 3 please.

test it comm said...

Those muffins sure do look good. I am going to have to try artichokes when they are in season this year.

tigerfish said...

Trimming artichokes always seem intimidating. Thanks for your tips!
Oh yes, I would like a sexy artichoke muffin from you :)

Didi said...

The pics look amazing! I bet they taste amazing as well!! I can't believe I just found your blog now.. Danggit! Hahaha.. Will link you up. Now!

Big Boys Oven said...

this must be awesomely good! yummy yummy good!

Sylvia said...

This is a wonderful combination, I must try soon

Anonymous said...

I love savory muffins, breads, etc. :) Thanks for this recipe.

Definitely Maybe!
Not Just Another Blog...

Anonymous said...

The muffins looks like a truly delicious mouthful.

Rosie said...

Just look at those great looking muffins!! Hey and love the step by step artichoke trimming - great pics as always :)

Rosie x

haze said...

Huhh, you don't miss a thing! The muffin looks terribly tempting! I think I should really take cooking lessons :D !

desie said...

Gruyere (my most favourite cheese)? Bacon? Artichokes? what a winner!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Hello sexy! You must be delicious!

Oggi said...

I am sooo in love with this muffin!

Anonymous said...

One sexy little muffin indeed!
This looks, can't find a word to properly describe it!!
I'm hungry!!!!!!!

Maya said...

You really make me want to give a try my kitchen,now.
Thank you.
I still haven't tried the rhubarb. didn't have luck finding it the other day.
And now, with to grab a phone to call a friend if she will give me one from her garden.

Anonymous said...

Sexy artichoke muffins? We want some!!!
The artichoke step by step is great and so are these awesome savory muffins! I'd have to eat about 5 of them to make up for eating a regular size one!

Pixie said...

Certainly a sexy muffin ;)

Wanted to let you know in regards to the flapjacks- I'm sure you can substitute it with a different dried fruit or seeds or nuts. Hth some and look forward to you baking along with us.

syrie said...

oooh! beautiful! Artichoke are my favorite but I need to use more fresh ones. Thanks for the steps!

Ambika said...

Hi Hilda, You have a wonderful blog and I've been following it for quite some time now! You've been tagged, please pick up the 'Kreativ Blogger' award from me at my blog! Happy Blogging!!

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