Gone nuts: Meme, & my new kitchen

I have been out lately and almost gone "nuts" with all the prep for the upcoming holidays. You might have noticed too my new kitchen. I really wanted to renovate into something fresh and yet classique mine. And so I thought better start it at least virtually. And with this new kitchen I thought it would be the best time to the "meme" I have been tagged to give you a "peep" about the real person behind this blog. Anyways, thankd you for tagging me twice Susan of Well Seasoned Cook and Oggi of I can do that for this meme.

(Ps. I will be using the photo above for this month's Click Photo Event on the theme Nuts.)

What were you cooking/baking 10 years ago?
Ten years ago we were based In Tokyo, so I was basically discovering, cooking and eating lots of Japanese food. Basically eating with chopsticks everyday. Well not everyday most of the time.

What were you cooking/baking one year ago?
Last year I discovered an avant-gardiste french chef "Thierry Marx". Since then on I wanted to adopt his style of cooking: lots of mix and match of flavor and very creative way of presenting them. But so far I still need a lot to learn.

Five snacks you enjoy:

1. Gummybears (my all time favorite)
2. Pop-corn caramel ( I share it with my husband. But he is so scared to eat with me, coz I eat like machine gun for him..hehehe)
3. Marshmallows (we love to barbeque it)
4. Salty Japanese snacks (with sesame, soy sauce,spices, etc)
5. Pistachio nuts

Five recipes you know by heart:

1. Ratatouille (First recipe I've learn from my husband)
2. Quiche Lorraine (Second Recipe he thought me)
3. Tarte tatin (This I 've learn myself)
4. Chicken teriyaki (I learn from the Japanese cooking shows)
5. Menudo (I learn from my Mom)

Five culinary luxuries you would indulge in if you were a millionaire:

1. Spend a lot of money in having a very big and fully equipped kitchen that has a perfect view of a garden with a swimming pool. So in case of emergency it would be easy to plunge into the pool.
2. Travel once a week to different countries to collect spices and other culinary utensils.
3. Build a big "personal" library close to my kitchen that will gather all the best cooking book of all times. Written in all languages.
4. Have a wine cellar that will house more than 5000 bottles of wine.
5. To have a personal "all-around" assistant in my kitchen. I need somebody to take care all of these don't I?

Five foods you love to cook/bake:

1. Ratatouille: I always cook, let say once a week. Specially during summer when zucchini, tomatoes and eggplants are at season
2. Cakes: I use different kinds of fruits and nuts. I bake 3 times a week.
3. Crepe: very easy to make and I never go wrong. I prepare this when I run out of time to cook something or when receiving guests at home. I often organise "crepe party".
4. Anything that has coconut milk. I love to experiment dishes using coconut milk: like risotto with cream of coconut or creme brulée purely with coco milk.
5. Anything with chocolate

Five foods you cannot/will not eat: (I know Susan would love to know my answer)
1. Balut: just click here to know.
2. Japanese Natto: these are fermented soy beans that Japanese love to eat in the morning.
3. Sea weeds: like Nori (the one we use to wrap sushi for example). I dont like the smell.
4. The tentacles of big octopus

Five favorite culinary toys:
Unfortunately, I don't have any.

Five dishes on your "last meal" menu:
1. Jambon Serrano with a slice of pear and parmesan cheese over a cereal bread.
2. Fresh pasta with white sauce of sautéed gambas drizzled with wine.
3. Roasted stuffed chicken.
4. Roasted apples over a slice of honey spice cake and vanilla ice cream
5. Cheesecake brownies.

Five happy food memories:
1. The first dinner date ever prepared by my husband. (Ratatouille, roasted chicken rosemary and creme puffs)
2. The best "peking duck" and "dimsum" I've ever eaten in my life during our trip to China in a restaurant really hidded. The restaurant was so booked that they made us eat in the kitchen. Since we were foreigner they were so happy to tour us around that big house converted into a restaurant.
3. The best "noodle soup" I've eaten in my life in floating market in Thailand.
4. The best "gellatto" in the world are in San Giminiano Italy.
5. All the kitchen disasters of my father and my sister. My sister is so clumsy in the kitchen she has plenty but just to give you idea. Just listen to this: an asian that eats rice 3 times a day forget to put water when she cooked the rice. He hehehe. My father is good cook but loves to experiment. Sometimes he has mistaken flour for sugar or vinegar for some kerosene. He hehe but he is good cook when he is not in a hurry.

Well I am passing this meme off to: Dessie of Maybahay, Cynthia of Taste like home, Gloria of Canela's Kitchen, K& S of Our Adventures of Japan , Kevin of Closet Cooking, Ruy of Married life, Asha of Aroma . But none of them should feel obligated to participate. And if anyone else wants in on this, have at it.


Manggy said...

Thanks for answering the meme, Dhanggit :)
I forgot about one of my other favorite food memories-- walking the streets of Venice, stopping by for a pizza and gelato. Good times.
You don't have to smell nori, just bite, bite, bite! Haha :)

K & S said...

Love the new look of your kitchen! Will work on the meme.

Big Boys Oven said...

this is truely amazing experience and so glad to have read it!

Susan said...

After reading about balut, all I want to do is surround myself with gummy bears. Seriously!

Dhanggit, that kitchen photo is quite lovely, something of what my dream space would look like.

Thanks for playing! (Pssst - I agree - nori can be awfully fishy and rank sometimes.)

Asha said...

Thanks for the tag D, will do it sometime next year!;D

oggi said...

Natto's other name is nasty, and the Chinese have their own version of smelly fried fermented tofu.
I love the idea of a library filled with the best cookbooks of all time.:)

Anonymous said...

Fresh pasta with white sauce of sautéed gambas drizzled with wine-- this sounds good:)

Marvin said...

hi dhanggit, all the recipes you know by heart are so multi-cultural! you must be a well-rounded cook;)

Wandering Chopsticks said...

How can you hate seaweed and live in Japan? What did you eat? And after reading what your husband cooked for you for the first time, I can see why you fell in love with him. ;)

Cynthia said...

A very happy birthday to you!!!

I love your kitchen! Look at the great light you get.

maybahay said...

i love this new colour.
thanks for the MeMe. was fun doing it.
hmm, you reminded me of San Giminiano- what a splendid little village. got to visit for a day when i was doing a cooking class in San Miniato. Tuscany was magic.

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

So nice to read little somethigns about you! The first dinner prepared by your husband sounds glorious and I love that stunning picture

Gloria said...

Dhaggit your kitchen is really sooooo beautiful!!! I like it. Dhanggit thanks by the meme, I see only today dear,yesterday I was so little at PC I will try to answer. You are so nice.xxxxGloria

Arfi Binsted said...

Hi! I am new to your kitchen and I do love your little bowls! They look like homemade pots. Have fun with your new kitchen.

Asha said...

Did your MeMe at Aroma D,check it out!:)