Stir fry noodles: Noodle, noddle on the wok who's the fairest of them all?

Stir-fry Noodle

I have been absent for a while in the blogosphere world. I must admit that I tremendously miss all my favorite "food blog" I often hangout but Christmas and New Year holidays at our household are important occassions for our family to relax and do our "bonding". And that means no email and no blogging for the last 2 weeks. But nonetheless, Im back in the business.

I'm pretty sure that most people often spend the last day of the year writing or pondering about their "resolutions list". However, I grew up in the family that this day is reserved for undertaking all undone or half-done things. Believe it or not on the 31st day of December I spend the entire day cleaning the house and arranging my kitchen. And I was amazed to discover all the ingredients that have been sleeping for so long in my kitchen cabinet. Tons of spices, dried tomatoes, dried beans, different types of rice, canned goods, jams, some nori wrappers and lots and lots of noodles; all waiting for their turn to be used one day. And you guess it right, that night I cooked some stir fried noodles.

Some are thick, some are thin, some are soft, some are hard
Cook them anyway you want...

Stir-fry Noodles
1 package of noodle (any type)
2 tbsps of olive oil
2 tbsps of Sesame Oil
1 tbsp of Oyster Sauce
2 tbsps of Soy Sauce
1 tsp of sugar
1 tsp of lime juice
half a cup of shrimps
one cup of diced vegetables (broccolli, carrots, haricot verts, etc)
1 onion chopped

In a wok start by stif frying the vegetables and onion in olive oil. After few minutes add the shrimps and continue stirring. Throw in sesame oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce and sugar. Mix well. Add the pre-cooked noodle and continue stirring. Before serving put the lime juice.

No one escapes the power of my chopsticks!

For my french readers, the french version of this noodle recipe is here :


mitch said...

very nice blog. the food looks tasty. I am also in france Nice. can i add you?


Marvin said...

Very tasty looking noodles dhanggit! They look very easy to prepare.

Gigi said...

Delicious looking noodles and the recipe sounds easy to prepare. I received a wok for Christmas 3 years ago and have never opened it. Now I have a reason to. I can't wait to try your noodles!

Gloria said...

Dhanggit this looks so good I love this type of dish is so yummy!!! Gloria

oggi said...

Happy New Year Dhanggit!

I also did my pantry inventory before Christmas and unearthed so many items. I took photos of stuff that are at the rear of the shelves and taped them on the inside of the doors.:)

Oh, this noodle dish looks simple to make, yet so delicious!

Sylvia said...

Happy (later as always) New Year.
I love noodles and this looks delicious

maybahay said...

lovely noodles. great for a quick dinner.
very funny, i also got into a cleaning frenzy just before the new year came in:-) All the best for 2008!

Anonymous said...

love noodles!!!!

tigerfish said...

You make me want to eat noodles, again! Yes, AGAIN!!! The power of your cooking and pictures. :P
Your noodles look like udon. :)

Happy NEw Year!

Em Dy said...

Happy new year Dhanggit and family. I was already wondering where you were.

Dhanggit said...

mitch, you are from PACA region too!! cool!! sure me too i'll add you up

marvin, i love stir-fry noodles its really simple to do

gigi, wok is quite useful in preparing many asian recipes :-)

gloria, you need to try cooking noodles they are really easy and delicious :-)

oggi, happy new year too, maybe i should do the way you that case i will always know what i have

sylvia, happy new year too :-)

maybahay, hehehe its embarassing to admit i only do major kitchen cleaning on new years eve hahahah

dochef, me too!!

tigerfish, its your post on noodles that gave me envies to cook.hehehe happy new year too :-)

Big Boys Oven said...

Oh those lovely noodles......make salivating now for more noodles, lovely so desirable noodles... I just make some macaroon entrements and will be posting them up later.... my oven had been on macaroon crazy! lol!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Yummy! That sure looks good!
I love the photos!

Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

JMom said...

Great looking noodle dish!

Please join LP22. It's not yet too late. Just let me know when you have your rice entry up and I'll add you to the round up :) I'll be working on the round up this weekend.

Anonymous said...

This looks so healthy and light...I'm quite tired of eating after this season! and your photo of course is just beautiful bringing out the health and lightness. January will be just simple, quick, one-bowl, healthy meals...this recipe fits right in there! Have a great 2008!

WokandSpoon said...

Mmmm, those noodles look great!! Happy New Year!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Your noodle looks delicious! I love all sort of noodles too.

Tanya said...

Ooooh! Looks good!
How do you stir-fry the somen noodles without them getting starch all over everything?

Dhanggit said...

bigboys oven, would love to live close to your neighborhood..i would definitely mind thos macaroon smell :-)

jendz, thanks, love to be part of foodie blog roll

jmom, ok let me see what rice recipe i can concoct for LP22

ronell, hi there, yeah i did cook this to lessen to much calories cumulated by the holiday season's eating hehehehe

woknspoon, happy new year too!!

little corner of mine, i love noodles too!! dry and sauted or in soup!!

tanya, i prepare my noodles as i prepare a pasta noodle..meaning i cook them separately in a boiling water a bit "aldente" then i was it with running water to get rid off extra flour on it.;then i sauté them with the rest of the ingredients..i normally add the noodles last..the key dont overcook them or they'll be soggy :-)

Rosie said...

Great to see you back and brilliant noodles dhanggit!!

Looking forward to viewing all your scrummy food this year you'll be creating :D

Rosie x

Susan said...

I love the precise, minimalist look of Asian bundled noodles, so peaceful. Dhanggit, you have inspired me to dig deep into my own cupboards. I know I have the makings of a stir fry in them...somewhere. : )

BTW, the miniature tiramisu at our Xmas Eve table was a huge hit. Thx!

Ruy said...

Dhanggit!!! Wow, those noodles look great! I want some!
I had quite a similar holiday situation as you.

Dhanggit said...

rosie, thanks!!i'm glad to be back too :-)

susan, you got it right, i wanted to create a "zen" look with my glad to hear it was a success for your tiramisu :-)

ruy, ha ha ha i thought i was the only one..glad to hear "i was not alone" srubbing and cleaning ..hehehe

mitch said...

how long have you been here in france? I was here since january of last year lang


Happy New Year wishes to you..

Amazing photos as always ..!!!

Anita said...

Lime juice...why have I never added that to my noodles? Thanks for the tip - your noodles look really great. Now I must get shrimp sauce too? or can I just thin out the shrimp paste and use?

Cakespy said...

What gorgeous noodles you've got there! So warm and appetizing. May you have a sweet and delicious 2008!!!!

Emiline said...

How can you go wrong with noodles?

I was wondering where you were...
I cleaned on Dec. 31st, too.

ilingc said...

Happy New Year Dhanggit!
I love noodles and usually fry my noodles the same way you do. :)

ps. Love the photos of the dry noodles.

Xixi said...

Looks mouth watering to me, Dhanggit! After all the hospital food, I think I can eat a platter of that :) Happy New Year! :)

K & S said...

Happy New Year, your noodles look delicious!

Happy cook said...

Happy New year to you and family.
I too was on a break.
The noodles looks delicious.
I love them

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Who would want to escape the power of those chopsticks? That looks fabulous!

joey said...

The simplicity and deliciousness of stir-fried well you've captured them! Must be those powerful chopsticks ;)

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I adore that collage of the noodles. Fantastic! Great sounding recipe too.

Dhanggit said...

mitch, since 2003

sugarcraft, happy new year to you too!!

anita, its personal for me..adding lime on my noodles..i love the acidity that contrast the taste..hmmm i think its better to use real shrimps..hehehe

cakespy, thanks my dear sweetie!!

emiline, he hehe, i only clean my kitchen once a year :-D

ilingc, happy new year to you too!! thanks..

xixi, what do you mean? you've been hospitalised..i hope nothing serious..happy new year to you!!

k&s, thanks dear

Happycook, happy new year to you too!! planning to post the tag of weird meme you tagged of these days :-)

susanfoodblogga, hehehe

joey, yup my chopsticks are really powerful :-)

amanda, thanks, those are all the dry noodles i found in my kitchen closet..hehehe

Anali said...

Oh this noodle collage is exquisite! Crisp and clean - like beautiful linens.