Eggplant Caviar on a Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch under an Acacia Tree

For folks who are regular to my kitchen you know that this is the first time I'm doing a Restaurant review. So hang on tight!!

It's been a while we have been planning up this Retirement Party for the folks. After long years of service as a judge and as a psychologist they deserve nothing but the best. And I tell you guys they are an adorable couple. When dad in-law is not garbed in his toga and armed with his gavel he is a very very funny man and with lots of interesting stories to tell. And Mom-in-law is a refined, sweet and a charming lady. We opted for a hassle free party so we chose a reputed laid-back style restaurant in the small lovely town of La Roque d'Antheron. From the outside the restaurant doesn't look that good but from the inside the small courtyard was charming. There were two big acacia trees that provided that peaceful provencal beauty we were looking for.
Seems like everything were reunited that day: bright sunny weather, magnificent ambiance , good humour, lots of chit chat and good food.

The lunch started off with a Kir Royal, a concoction of black currant liquor and sparkling white wine. We enjoyed this with a serving of caviar d'aubergine (eggplant caviar) as an amuse bouche. Recipe is at the end of the post.
This was followed by the first entrée of Verrine de Saint Jacques (Tartare of Scallops and tomatoes). The scallops were marinated in extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs and spices.
The second entrée was Croustillant de Tomates et Mozzarella (Crispy Tomato-Mozzarella). This was served with a coulis of basil. Very refreshing.
There were two main courses, pan fried Espadon (Sword Fish) served on the bed of fresh vegetables and a cream of fennel and the other one is Veal with Asparagus Sauce served with roasted potatoes in thyme.
The dessert was also heavenly, a serving of chocolate cake nutella and a vacherin a dessert of home made lemon and raspberry ice-cream with meringue. Don't search for their photos for I have totally forgetten to take their pictures. I mean I prefer to savour and it them.:-)

Eggplant Caviar
2 big eggplants
2 pieces of garlic
some thymes and basil
juice of half a lemon
salt, pepper
about 15 cl of olive oil (about half a small glass)

Start by preheating the oven at 200°C. Make some small cuts on your eggplant, not too deep not too shallow. Rub the surface with olive oil and insert some herbs on this slits. Wrap it with alluminum foil and put one garlic inside. Bake it for 40 minutes (this depends on the size of your eggplants. Let it cool down and peel it off and same for the garlic. Pass it on to the blender including the garlic that's been cooked. Add the lemon juice, olive oil,salt and pepper. Blend it until you have that smooth consistency. This is a perfect amuse bouche that you can serve with some baguette or bread sticks.


Big Boys Oven said...

awesome delicious dishes you had there!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What gorgeous looking food! Yummy!



veron said...

What a feast...totally droolworthy!

oggi said...

They all sound and look yummy specially the crispy tomato-mozzarella.

pigpigscorner said...

Everything looks and sounds wonderful! The eggplant caviar sounds really good!

Makis said...

I love caviar d'aubergine!

Little Corner of Mine said...

The food look great!

Marysol said...

That is a feast, for the eyes as I'm sure it was for the palate. But I'll confess, I had difficulty focusing once I reached the dessert descriptions.

Gloria said...

I love eggsplants and this look wonderful Dhanggit!! Love the pics are amazing!!

(I will cook foir you know!)
xoxoxo Gloria

noobcook said...

nice restaurant review! The food looks delicious and beautifully styled.

Anonymous said...

Those are some amazing dishes and photography! That spoon for the first entree looks so interesting!

daphne said...

what a feast-and lucky in laws u hv too.

haze said...

I was just talking about it with a friend yesterday that I am craving for caviar d'aubergine :D ! Good timing friend, I'll try this recipe, thanks a bunch !!!mmwaahhh

Snooky doodle said...

How nice! This looks great fun and great food :)

Manggy said...

You didn't take pictures of the desserts?!!? How could you?!! Ha ha ha :) I love the spoon on the verrine, and all the food of course! :)

Sylvia said...

I barely feel the smell of the acacia in a sunny summer day...Good memories at all.Great lunch and delicious recipe

Susan said...

I made something similar months ago, but your recipe looks so much easier, Hilda. Delicious!