WHB #222 Hosting Announcement

Hi everyone :-) Mea culpa..I almost forgot that I am this week's WHB host (well unfortunately I had some minor explosion problem with my laptop :-) )

As usual it is always my honor and pride to host Weekend Herb Blogging ,this mouthwatering event that puts vegetables, herbs, plants and fruits into the limelight. WHB as we all know is the brainchild of Kalyn of Kalyn's Kitchen. It is now under the caring wings of Haalo of Cook Almost Anything but it still brings us the same aroma and passion for anything green. The rules are simple, post about any herb, fruit, vegetable, flower or plant. The post can be informative, a spotlight of a particular ingredient and/or a recipe where your chosen produce is one of the primary ingredients in the recipe. The post should include about the event "Weekend Herb Blogging" with appropriate links and a link to this announcement. I will be posting the roundup next week :-)

In the meantime enjoy some shots of the Chinese New Year Celebration I took in Binondo Manila. We wanted so much to stay longer and enjoy the event but Mayumi got scared of the dragon :-)


Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Nice Chinese New Year shots!



Anonymous said...

What is the measurement cl in your recipes? I'm not familiar with that abbreviation.
Judy in Goldendale, WA, USA

Little Corner of Mine said...

Cool! We didn't get to see any lion dance at all.

Manggy said...

Judy, cl is centiliter, which is 10ml or 2 teaspoons.

I just realized we've never seen your husband before till maybe now. Maybe someday we can finally meet each other!

art and appetite said...

Hilda, thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

Amy B. said...

That Blackfungus Chayote definitely caught my eye! Wonder if there's an available recipe source for that! :-)

Roda said...

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