Spoonful of Christmas: to the tune of Michael Jackson

When I looked at my calendar on the table and realised we barely have few days left before December, I got excited! For Christmas is truly just around the corner. The thrill I have as we approach this season has never changed since childhood. It always brings me good memories of the past. When I think of Christmas, I always have these three things in my mind: socks, apples and dentures. It reminds me of the tattered socks filled with candies of my youngest sister. She loved them so much she carried it for one week like a bag. Apples, because I always choose the meal package with apple on it every Christmas party in our grade school for seven years. And dentures, because my favorite auntie lost her dentures (she keeps them in her bag while sleeping) when burglars attacked her house on the eve of Christmas and only to find them in the garbage area on *Christmas day..(her story made us all laugh) it still makes us laugh even now. When I think of these souvenirs of the past I still cant help but laugh and cherish those moments. I guess the reason why I always have this excitement about Christmas, for this is day I often express my gratitude to people I care and love through gifts I offer. Price is never important but the love that we put into it that matters.

When I heard that Zlamushka of Spicy Kitchen is hosting a Christmas blogging event on kitchen made gift ideas, the Spoonful of Christmas (I'm glad to be invited to participate)I thought that that it is a great idea for Christmas is never Christmas without gift giving. And on this season we always tend to run out of gift ideas to give. So this is really timely.

Finding the right gift is always mind boggling. If we really want to put a smile on their faces I suggest three kitchen gift ideas concocted in my kitchen.
How about fascinating your friends and family with this home-made walnut wine, I made three years ago with my husband. It is in fact the most priced gem that we have in our kitchen. This is an excellent red wine that has plenty of character and rich in sweetness. This wine is imperatively made on the month of July in France when walnuts are still young and green. A sure knockout for wine lovers!

Walnut Wine

40 pcs of your green walnuts
5 liters of red wine
1 liter of water at 50°
1 kg of sugar
4 heads of girofles

Crush the nuts of the walnuts with the skin. The green walnut stains a lot, so the technique is to lock them in a large freezer bag and break them with a hammer. Put them in a large container with all ingredients and shake well. Macerate it for 6 weeks, shaking the container once a week.

Filter the wine nut and put it in the bottle. It is better to wait a year before you drink it. There are often residues in the bottle and it may be necessary to refiltrer it.
This is a charming wine perfect as it is. It goes well with red meat and some desserts.

Want to taste something different...?

How about unleashing the flavor of summer with my second gift suggestion, my Watermelon & Lime Jam. Traditionally in Provence they gather the immature watermelon or pasteque à confiture (gigerine) in making this jam. It is normally cooked with some oranges and lemon. My version though gives a much distinct taste of tropical with green organic lime I used. Perfect for breakfast on cold winter!(by the way just for fun if you want to see a square watermelon just click here.)

Watermelon-Lime Jam

1 kg of young watermelon pulp
juice of 2 lime
1 kg of sugar

Peel the watermelon and remove the spongy part of the fruit together with the seeds. Mix the sugar, the pulp and the lime in a big bowl and macerate it for an hour. Cook slowly uncover for 2 hours over medium fire until it thickens.

How about jamming with some tropical aroma...

And last but not the least third gift suggestion from my kitchen is my Pineapple-Mango Jam flavored with cinnamon and ginger powder. The combination is so perfect that we'll remind you of your summer memories on your table.

Pineapple-Mango Jam
1 big pineapple
2 mangoes
1 tsp of cinnamon
1 tsp of ginger powder
sugar (1:1 for sugar and fruits combined)

Peel and chop the pineapples. Do the same for the mangoes. Macerate the fruits with sugar and spices for an hour. Cook slowly for an hour medium fire.

I guess in the end whatever gift we have big or small it doesn't really matter. For its the thought that truly counts. And as Michael Jackson put it, let us give love on Christmas day!


ynna said...

hey friend , i finally saw your site!! nice shots

Happy cook said...

I love jams, but you can send me the wine as a gift ;-)
If i gad tis it will be also kept as a treasure.
Enjoyed reading your post about ur sis and aunty

Ruy said...

Great gift ideas! Very beautifully preented.
The mango and pineapple is very doable here so I think I'll try that.=)

Dhanggit said...

ynna, thanks for passing by

happycook, i would love to send you the wine.;but french post office is always on strike..:-(

ruy, i think if you will use our philippine local mangoes you will definitely have a better jam that i did..i guess our mango is really the best :-)

Asha said...

What a collection of great gifts D! I loved each one of them, specially the Mango Jam. We went to World Market last weekend and bought a jar of Mango jam and loving it!!
Good job sweetie, enjoy your Christmas to the fullest. Loved the Socks and Denture stories!:D

Gloria said...

So beauty gifts Dhanggit, I love Jam, I made the other day strawberries's jam, but I don't find time to garnish to Spoonful Christmas, so hard the end of the year. xxxx Gloria

Gloria said...

Please, I want a pineapple's and mango's jam!!!! Thanks Gloria

oggi said...

Dhanggit, those are wonderful gifts! I wouldn't mind getting one of those Watermelon-Lime jams.:)

Marvin said...

Walnut wine? I've never seen or heard of that before, but it looks very tasty!

Cynthia said...

I literally wish I could receive those gifts. Those are great gifts and thanks for the inspiration and ideas.

Anh said...

Just beautiful! I love all the jams! :D

Dhanggit said...

Asha, i saw your spoonful entry it was also very creative!!

Gloria, i love strawberry jam too!! too bad you didnt have time 4 spoonful :-(

Oggi, he he he well they are really good but limited supply only :-)

Marvin, its really damn good!im new to walnut wine too but we have a friend who loves wine and thought us to do it!

Cynthia; he hehe , thanks by the way did you join spoonful??

Anh, thanks for dropping by

Sidney said...

Not the usual gifts! Sure you will make everybody happy with that !

Kevin said...

The walnut wine sounds pretty interesting.

bee said...

wow!!! wow!!!! and wow !!!!

i wish i was your neighbour.

Dhanggit said...

Sydney; he he i really think we owe to think of unusual gifts..i have impression that people are getting harder and harder to please :-)

Kevin, thanks

Bee, well me too i want to neighbor with you ;-) we can do exchange gifts right??

Srivalli said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my site..You have a beautiful blog..all your gifts are so wonderful!...thanks for letting me know!..

I liked your "about me"..are you from Philippines?...and one small correction..if I am say so...you might need to change the gender before the prince charming..:D...will go the all your posts in leisure!

Kate / Kajal said...

these are some really beautiful photographs. Never ever tried watermelon jam . would love to try it out , as i'm really curious as to how i'll taste, being a water based fruit with a very mild flavour i 'd love to find out how it gets the body for jam.

Dhanggit said...

srivalli, thanks too for checking on my blog, yes i grew up from philippines.;about the about me mistake..to be honest about it..you know when you speak japanese, french, english and tagalog..they are all mix up in your head..its kinda hard..i already corrected it thanks

kate/kajal, you will be amazed how wonderful and refreshing the taste of this jam...:-)

Deborah said...

I am planning on giving some jam for Christmas gifts this year, but so far, all I have is Peach!! These all sound wonderful, especially the pineapple-mango one!

Gloria said...

Dear Dhanggit if you have time go to my Blog, I put a recipe I think you will like with Dulce de Leche, is easy and Im sure you will find the ingredients!Forget for now the corns!!! Have a nice and beautiful weekend with your lovely baby!! Gloria

K & S said...

both sound fabulous!

Cakespy said...

What a great reference guide...what difficult times, doing all this research! :-)

maybahay said...

wow, i disappear for a week and i come back to a feast in your site. so many beautiful recipes. the walnut wine sounds very interesting (though i had to look up what 'girofles' were). will pass this on to my in-laws who have a relentless walnut tree in the Correze department. they will be happy.

and the watermelon and lime jam. sounds marvellous.

i will be back soon to savour the other recipes i missed :-)

zlamushka said...

Holly crab, these are such gorgeous entries. All for me? You are one lovely inventive girl, you know that? I am simply amazed. Have I been this good?

Anonymous said...

hi there,
There's so many things to see on your beautiful blog, I'll come back, for sure!

Rachel said...

Those are lovely gifts! I'd love to recive them especially the wine..Would you mind ??? :))

Africantapestry and Myfrenchkitchen said...

Both the wine and the jam looks delicious and beautifully presented!!

recette triamisu said...

that's beautiful