La Dolche Vita: Tiramisu with nutella and dulche de leche

I can't believe how time flies so fast. Just a couple of days ago, my daughter just turned 4 months old. In few days time it will be Christmas soon. In matter of weeks we need to get used to writing 2008. By tomorrow my husband and I will be celebrating our fifth year wedding anniversary. In a few months time I will be visiting my family in Philippines to whom I havent seen for three years now. I am sure to see many of my nieces and nephew who have grown up few inches more. And my parents with always the same smile but probably with lesser hair or much gray hair since the last time I saw them. At the moment I only feel excitement and gratitude. For this year may have passed so fast before my eyes but filled with so much blessings.
And to enjoy a much sweeter time there is nothing else better than a cold tiramisu. This is my version of the famous Italian dessert express way without raw eggs. I was so tempted to try the Dulche de Leche recipe of Gloria, so I didnt hesitated in adding them up in my recipe.

Tiramisu Nutella with dulche de leche ma façon
about a dozen of ladyfingers, 1 cup of espresso, 60 g of sugar, 1 pint heavy cream, about 8 ounces of Mascarpone cheese, 1 tsp of vanilla extract, some nutella or any chocolate spread, dulche de leche

In a bowl, at medium speed, beat mascarpone with heavy cream and the sugar until soft peaks form. Beat in 1 Tbsp of vanilla, until stiff then put in the fridge. In a small bowl pour the espresso coffee then dip one by one the lady fingers. Arrange this dipped lady finger on your individual verrine. Put a layer of cold mascarpone, then a spoon of chocolate nutella then a spoon of dulche de leche. Repeat this procedure twice, the last layer should be a layer of mascarpone. Keep them covered in fridge for a minimum of 5 hours. Sprinkle it with some cocoa powder before serving.

Count my fingers..

Time is like a Tiramisu, there is never enough!
For my french readers, the french version of this tiramisu recipe is here:


desie said...

more decadent and beautifully-presented desserts from you. will have to keep a log of things i need to try. this looks absolutely scrumptious.

you are right about time flying by. especially once you have children, the clocks and calendars seem to go on overdrive...

Patricia Scarpin said...

Wow! Anything with dulce de leche has a very special place in my heart.
The dessert is so beautifully presented!

Tanya said...

Mmmm. All my favorites combined.

Finla said...

Hapy Wedding anniversery. Have funtoday.
Love the tiramisu
Say hi to you little one.

Marvin said...

you've been taking some great pictures dhanggit! It looks so decadent.

Anonymous said...

I've tasted Tiramisu of Mamie, the best! But will definitely do this on Christmas, hubby's fave! HAZE

Oggi said...

I love tiramisu and you made it even more delicious with the addition of Nutella and dulce de leche. It looks beautiful!

Sagari said...

beautiful pics and yummy dessert

Big Boys Oven said...

Have fun with all your great celebrations!!

I am reading a book called La Dolce Vita by Isabel Coe. Your tiramisu is so lovely to indulge!

tigerfish said...

I just need one serving of Time, and one serving of Tiramisu., please? :P

Susan said...

BLESS you, Dhanngit! I'm making tiramisu for Xmas Eve and I cannot select a recipe among 1000's! Most of them use the soft lady fingers (I prefer the hard ones, like you feature). Love the idea to do them up individually -- less mess, very stylish. Did the biscuits retain their crispness or soften as they rested?

Rosie said...

Oh my what a beautiful creation here - I wish I could have a spoonful too ;)

Wishing you and your hubby a very happy fifth year wedding anniversary :)

Rosie x

ICook4Fun said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. My husband is crazy over Dulce de Leceh since he is from Argentine :) :) Your tiramisu sure look good. I too made individual serving for our Thanksgiving dinner.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

I was just thinking of how this sounds so decadent, and then I saw the recipe below it. Whoohee! Love the mouse too! :)

Lisa Johnson said...

I haven't head Tiramisu in such a long time! This looks so good. Happy Holidays!

Sylvia said...

Hummm que rico Danghit, I never try with dulce de leche , but I love the idea, it sounds delicious and original

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Dear Dhanggit
I like your blogsite.
Greeting comes to you all the way from Botswana from a fellow blogger and a cake lover for a happy Christmas and wonderful new 2008. Happy holidays.
Whenever you have time do visit my blog.

Chibog in Chief said...

maybahay, i agree with you, since i had my baby..i feel like everyday she is changing.;but i dont feel like i'm getting old though :-D

Patricia, its the first time i tried putting dulche de leche on my hubby liked it so i guess it wasnt that bad idea :-)

Tanya, he he he, with nutella and dulce de leche will never go wrong

Happycook, my little one is sending her hi to you too

marvin, my photos have improved coz i found a new technique.i wait that my baby sleeps before taking them..its less stressing LOL

Haze, hi dear have finished already all your christmas prep..we wont be here for christmas we are living early tomorrow for a 5 days gathering at my in-laws ancestral house :-) Yipeeee, i wont cook they hired a chef in the house

Oggo, hi there, im sure christmas at your place will be heavy laden with good food...i cant wait to see your post :-)

sagari, thanks

big boys oven, is it nice that book? its been long time i havent read an english book..all i have are french ones :-(

Tigerfish, for you i give two serving of tiramisu and one serving of time :-)

hi my dear susan, i really think hard ladyfingers are better, the one i used i bought it in an italian store here..the idea of putting them in verrine or individual glasses i've seen it on my fave chef's tv show..he said its better not to over moisten the fingers..i followed it and its perfect..its soft with cake texture and not soggy

thanks my dear rosie :-)

icookforfun,thanks my husband is crazy over dulche de leche too :-)

wanderingchopsticks, hahaha maybe i should put the mouse over the tiramisu you know like the cherries to top a nice dessert

anali,thanks for dropping by again

sylvia, thanks it was Gloria's recipe of dulche de leche that gave me the cravings for tiramisu with it :-)

anamika, thanks sure i'll visit your blog :-)

Susan said...

Thank you, Dhanngit. Congratulations to you and your husband on your fifth Happy Anniversary!

Chibog in Chief said...

oh thanks dear susan, i just had him on the phone he will be late hu hu snif snif :-(

Gloria Baker said...

Dhanggit this dessert with Dulce de Leche is amazing I have to say!!!! Beautiful pictures.
I come to whish you a beautiful and lovely Christmas with your baby,hubby and family, thank by be my friend dear Dhanggit, really you make me happy when you go to my blog. A big hug, Gloria

Emily said...

Sounds like you have a busy life! Have fun in the next couple months.

I love tiramisu (who doesn't?!), this looks great...much easier.

Anonymous said...

send some to Makati med please. am duty on Christmas:(