Rolled Turkey Escalopes in Walnut Parsley Pesto with Mango Orange Sauce

Rolled Turkey Escalopes in Walnut Parsley Pesto with Mango Orange Sauce

I have always been scared of dentist. Blame it on our school dentist that has frightened every grade school student of my school. I still remember her appalling face that has never known the word smile in her life. She has traumatized every one of us. As I wait for my turn inside the lounge of my German dentist yesterday, I had this gush of memories flowing out like water in the faucet. I was not scared at all, but I knew I was stressed. There was still one person before my turn. So I tried my best to distract my attention gazing around and up above. When I suddenly noticed the bunch of old women’s magazine scattered on the table. I took one, haphazardly but my hand still fell one a half naked woman’s cover, I thought probably It could be interesting inside. Immediately as I turn the pages, I noticed a small cuisine corner in the magazine. I checked on the recipes, and I couldn’t get it out of my head. There were three fabulous recipes that I was dying to do in my kitchen. I don’t have any ballpen or pencil with me to copy it. I tried to look around, I was alone. Shall I tear the pages? Shall I steal the magazine? Hesitation and conscience, which weighs the most. Or shall I just trust my photographic memory to memorize this recipe. Think again. And even before I could make my decision they called out my name.

I went back home happy and relieved. My dentist was nice and kind. And I also succeeded in getting the recipes I wanted. Can you guess what I did?

This is my entry for this month's Monthly Mingle, a blogging event created by Meeta. The pick of the Month is Mango.

Rolled Turkey Escalopes in Walnut Parsley Pesto and Mango Orange Sauce

4 turkey escalopes
Half a glass of mango juice
Half a glass of orange juice
One bunch of parsley

100 g of walnut
Salt and pepper

10 g of butter
2 tablespoons of white wine
Some olive oil
10 cl of fresh cream

Flatten the turkey escalopes. Brush the surface with mango juice and butter. Put some salt and pepper. In a blender prepare your parsley pesto by mixing the walnut, parsley leaves and some olive oil. Mix them well. Put the pesto on the surface of your turkey then roll them. Seal the edges using toothpicks. Set this aside. In a casserole put the orange and mango juice and reduce it over low fire. Once the juice has thickened add some butter (about 1 tablespoon), salt and pepper. Pour your fresh cream. Let it boil. Set aside the sauce. In a pan, put some butter and olive oil and fry each side of your turkey. Fry them slowly over medium fire about 5 to seven minutes per sides. You can add some fresh thyme and rosemary as your fry them. Deglaze the pan with your wine. Pour your sauce on the pan and let it warm up then turn of the fire. Slice your turkey and serve it with sauce on the side.

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tigerfish said...

Oh, that sounds like a mouthful. But it's a mouthful of delicious bites. I want that! NOW!

K and S said...

looks delicious :)

Manggy said...

Very elegant presentation, Dhanggit :) How did you like the parsley pesto? I'm especially attracted to the mango sauce (as is expected ;)

I'm thinking you stole the magazine. You nasty!!! Ha ha ha :P Kidding!

Chibog in Chief said...

Tigerfish and Kat, thanks for the compliment..I know the photo looks awful due to poor lighting last night :-(

Manggy, hehehe, I will never tell the truth

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What a great comibnation of wonderful flavors! A gorgeous dish!



Peter M said...

I would have never thought to use mango juice in a dish - I like it and this sounds "ma sarap"!

Emily said...

I hate going to the dentist too. Who likes it though? At least it worked out for you.
Did you steal that recipe? Ah, they were probably going to throw it away anyway.

The turkey looks magnificent.

Cakelaw said...

You've won me over with the mango sauce - a triumph!!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

oh - you know you are teasing me BIG time with that mango orange sauce. what a great combination. thanks for the entry!

Half Baked said...

Awesome recipe! I can't wait to try this, it sound divine!

glamah16 said...

Great recipe and healthy too. I would have just slid it in my big old bag. No one would have ever known.

Leslie said...

Ok..I am guessing you stole that page. sooooo, you are an international smuggler AND a thief as well. My my my, you should really be ashamed of your self.I think I have to cut all ties with you,,since you are obviously a very bad influence!!! Not to mention a law breaker!! LOL
But boy of boy does this look yummy!
Oh and the Sleeping Beauty cake...she almost did end up naked, but I figured since it was a 3 year olds party, I should keep it PG!!

Finla said...

Delicious. Hi hi same here. I was always afraid of dentist too , well i was when i was back in India and my dentist was a real Medeval torturer.
But then when i came to belgium and went to the dentis here and he was so nice that i am not afraid at all anymore

Deborah said...

What a delicious sounding recipe - and elegant as well. I'm glad the dentist was kind and that you got this recipe out of it!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Simply divine! Love your mango orange sauce!

test it comm said...

With turkey, parsley and walnut pesto and mango this sounds really tasty!

Jan said...

I'm glad you survived the dentist and escaped to give us this recipe. However you did it. :-)

chriesi said...

This looks great!

haze said...

Love the little combination of everything with mango sauce! Don't you know you could find a mango in Picard, it tastes like Philippine Mango :D try it !

Oggi said...

I'm getting hungry.:)
Mango, sooo good.

You used your excellent photographic memory, or you asked if you could have the would have been more fun if you had swiped it!:D

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