Chorizo, Cumin & Curry Bread

Chorizo, Cumin & Curry Bread

What's BUGging your mind lately?

The past few days there's something bogging my head and probably you can help me out. Well let me tell you from the start. When I went to the kitchen the other day and opened the cupboard I was literally received by a dozen squirming food bugs. Startled and disturbed by my presence, they flew in all direction giving a small spectacle on the curious eyes of my daughter and a horrified me. Naturally my daughter was so happy even shouting and clapping her hands. While I was desperately shooing them away towards the window and shouting "Cassez vous" (eng. translation: get the hell out of here!!). After that incident I cleaned the cupboard and dump every possible nesting place they could be hiding. My hubby advised me to put some fresh branch of bay leaves to drive them away.

With this agenda in my mind, I went immediately to my in-laws' garden to gather some branches. In the garden however, my attention was caught by the beautiful yellow blossoms of a mysterious plant. My mom in law told me that they are curry plant. I gathered some and went back home to bake this chorizo bread in the following hours. The bread was really delicious and the curry flavor perfumed my food bug infested kitchen.

The bread was delicious but the food bugs were still there. Any suggestions? :-)

I'll be sending this bread to Ruth for her weekly round-ups of Bookmarked Recipes.

Pretty aren't they?

Chorizo Cumin & Curry Bread
taken from 30 Bread Recipes by Lisa Mazieres

1 tsp of cumin seeds
1 tsp of fresh curry leaves 150 g of sliced chorizo 3 tablespoons of olive oil 350 g of flour 1 tablespoon of instant dry yeast 1 glass of milk 5 g of salt

On your working table, put the flour and make a small well in the middle. Add little by little the milk and the yeast. Mix them gently with your hand until it becomes homogenous. Add the salt and olive oil. Knead the dough for about ten minutes or until it becomes smooth and elastic. Continue kneading but this time try to add little by little your chorizo, cumin seeds and curry leaves. Make a small ball and let it rise on a bowl covered for an hour. After an hour dust your table with flour and work on the dough and shape the bread of your desired shape and size. Let it rise again for about two hours. Spray the surface with water. You can add some cumin seeds and curry leaves on the top. Preheat the oven for fifteen minutes at 210° celsius. Bake the bread for ten minutes at 210° celsius then another 20 minutes at 180° celsius. Bake the bread with a ramekin filled with water inside.

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K and S said...

I used to have that curry plant, until it died :( This bread sounds fantastic! Maybe you could mix chili pepper with water and spray around the kitchen? Or rosemary and water?

Beachlover said...

isn't curry plant and curry leave are different?.We used curry leave to cook curry dishes but never baked bread.what a creative idea!!

Manggy said...

Well, the bread looks delicious, I hope the bugs didn't get to it before you did! :)
Aside from eliminating all exposed food and moisture, short of fumigation I don't know what else to do (also, fumigation is not really an environmentally/ healthily sound option-- kind of a last resort). You know, you could have yelled at the buggers in Filipino, not that they would've understood either way, haha :)

tigerfish said...

I just made something with curry too! Your bread is almost like diamond - it has 3 Cs!

Anonymous said...

Been there and done that! Do they look like little moths? If they are pantry moths you can try the following:

1) get rid of any dry items that are not sealed (bags of flour, beans, corn meal. etc.) as this is how they arrive, what they eat and where they will lay eggs.

2) One thing that was successful for me before was to paint the pantry completely--remove shelves and paint all surfaces with a fairly thick coat. That was after throwing out everything and washing the surfaces down. The paint sealed up any tiny crevices in the shelves and killed any residual eggs.

3) if you keep linens in the kitchen you'll need to wash them in very hot water and dry them hot (they liked to nest in the folds of items not used frequently).

4) there are traps you can buy, and also do it yourself mixtures you can make (try google for pantry moths)

5) use tightly sealed metal, glass or hard plastic containers to store food-- don't use plastic bags, as they can get through those.

Finla said...

Indeed they are pretty are the dark spots on thebread boggings.
Just kidding :-))))

Anonymous said...

the bread looks delicious and that curry plant very pretty. I'd love to have some of that in my herb garden. I'll have to look it up next time I'm at the nursery.

hate those little buggers too! Hope you've gotten rid of them.

Leslie said...

EWWWW.I am squirming!!!!I HATE HATE any kinds of bugs. I even make my husband pick up the dead ones!!!lol. If he hears he scream across the house, he knows I see a bug! I guess I am just a big baby!
My sister just encountered the same problem. She narrowed it down to the Organic rice she had in the pantry. She pretty much threw everthing out that bugs could be in. Now she has everything in resealable containers. I trick I learned a long time ago..when you buy flour, stick it in the freezer for 2 weeks, this will kill any little bastards living in there! I still keep everything sealed up, either in Tupperware or Gallon Zip lock bags! Flour, sugar, Bisquick, grits, rice, coscous..anything to do with grains or powders!

Leslie said...

oh I forgot to comment about the bread!!It looks makes me wish I liked Curry..but not so much!!!

Gloria Baker said...

Looks delicious Dhanggit but dear you are so busy!!! xxxGloria

Chibog in Chief said...

Thank you guys for all your suggestions on how to get rid of these insect :-) they are still there flying, hiding. I think will really need to do something more serious and devastating for them this weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

i jump for joy when there's meat in bread. i'm not a big meat fan but oooh, pancetta or chorizo in bread? you got me there!

Oggi said...

I bought a small bunch of curry leaves once out of curiosity and didn't know what to do with them. Chorizo and cumin seeds make this bread so irresistible.:)

Big Boys Oven said...

this look so delicious!

Lore said...

Oh poor you! Maybe they can't help but showing up when you're baking delish stuff....just kidding :). Hope Ann's suggestions will help you get rid of them!
I could eat this bread as is, it's a sandwich in itself, isnt' it?

Anonymous said...

Eeek! That's happened to us too and have had to throw away so much stuff. Now we have to put alot of our food stuff in plastic bags, but sometimes these bugs even eat through the plastic!
Love your triple C bread! Just the title alone conveys all the wonderful flavors!

Ruth Strong said...

Sorry to hear about the bugs.... hope they are long gone now!

This is some great bread, sounds like they would have smelt beautiful!

Thanks for sending it to bookmarked recipes

glamah16 said...

Sorry about the pests. So does curry come from the curry flower? How lucky to have it at your disposal.