Beef Tagine in dried figs; a morrocan delight and a football match

Love me tender, love me sweet

No to racism!

This was the slogan of the campaign ad that widely circulated on french television last year triggered after numerous incidents of "racism insults" during football matches in France on colored football players. A great number of popular football players mobilised for in doing that commercial hoping to end this racism occurence. Thierry Henry, Zinadine Zidane and the likes gladly volunteered their services in that commercial ad. However,this morning as we were taking our breakfast we've learned about the latest racism incident involving a Moroccan player that was insulted by the spectators during the match in one of the key cities in France. We are not really football fanatics but the current issue called our attention. The french government was thinking of being more strict with the penalties involving such issues like one year prohibition to enter stadiums, 2 years imprisonment and thousand of euros of fine. Ouch! And guess what the insult in question was; monkey cries and gestures during the entire match. I'm pretty sure those fans were regretting so much their behaviour that got carried away with the intensity of the match. Sometimes it pays not to become too much devotee of one's team you are rallying for. Of course, I am not judging those fans because I saw how my aunties and dad would cry everytime their favorite team loses a match. But I will never understand how it works in their head :-)

Come to think of it, how ironic it could be that racism transpire on circumstances like this when sports true meaning is all about camaraderie, fairness and fun

That day, after the news I had so much envies for morrocan food; I should say that my belly got carried away....

Beef Tajine in dried figs

1 kilo of beef cut in cubes
1 big onion slice
1 red pepper sliced
50 g of dried figs
12 tbsp of olive oil
1 tsp of curcuma
1 tsp of cayenne powder
1 tsp of cumin seeds
1 tsp of paprika
1 tsp of tomato paste
salt, pepper

one cup of beef bouillon
Chopped coriander (optional)

In a casserole, sauté the sliced onion then add up the beef. Brown a little bit all the sides of the meat. Add the pepper and all the spices. Add the dried figs, tomato paste and the bouillon. Simmer for one hour over medium fire. Serve with couscous.

"Ini, mini, myni mo..."

Don't get carried away....


Happy cook said...

Yumm Tajin looks so delicious. Can imagine the taste. I've never made them at home.
Oh and about speaking french which u asked me, yep hubby speak french, here in belgium they teach in school both dutch, french and german. I just know dutch.
My daughter at the moment is having all three languages in her year plus they have english too

Ann said...

I love tagines and am planning to make one soon with my preserved kumquats. Yours looks marvelous-- the figs are just inspired, instead of the usual apricots or prunes.

Brilynn said...

I love the combination of fruit and meat, looks awesome!

Gloria said...

Dhanggit this looks wonderful Greetings from the South of Chile!!!! Im in a Cyber Cafe!!!!Gloria

Cakespy said...

What a lovely intermingling of tastes and textures...can't wait to give this one a try! It looks so rich.

Marvin said...

I've never had figs in a savory dish before, but this looks yummy!

White On Rice Couple said...

Look at all those beauteous spices!! You just rock with your interesting use of flavors. Love the figs!
BTW- We've answered our 5 tags questions. Thanks for the tag!

Kevin said...

This sounds nice and tasty. I like the idea of cooking the beef with all those spices and the dried figs.

tigerfish said...

I don't think I ever tried Morrocan food before. Bring me to your dining table!

Big Boys Oven said...

This looks so superb! must be good!

Lucille said...

hmmm! goodness this is really yummy! nakakagutom tuloy hehe

oggi said...

I do believe great minds think alike because I was just reading a similar recipe last night which I am planning to make this weekend. Your dish looks sooo delectable and will use dried figs in place of apricots.

BTW, I already posted the meme, thanks again, I had fun writing it.:)

Rosie said...

Dhanggit you have a most wonderful tagine here... I can imagine just how good this must taste!!!

Rosie x

Dhanggit said...

Happycook, wow for both of you and hubby :-) dutch must be difficult isnt it?

Ann, i think your idea sounds great too, my mom in law makes some tajine chicken in preserved lemon guess kumquat sounds fantastic

Brilynn, thanks

Gloria, hola amiga, i hope your having fun with your vacation

Cakespy, its great to imagine the taste of meat and fruit that blend so well together

Marvin, i always use figs for savory dishes like duck breast they are really good!!

White rice on couple, thanks i went to see your blog last night im having trouble with my internet connection i will try today to see your post :-)

Kevin, glad you like

tigerfish, hahaha sure you can come

Bigboysoven, im waiting for you guys to do the dessert hahahaha

Lucille, with rice it could also be perfect :-)

Oggi, i read one too which uses different kinds of dried fruits even dates..sounds fantastic too!! cant wait to read your post

Rosie, thanks

Happy cook said...

I think dutch is much easier then French.
You should hear me asking my daughter french. You will thin i am speaking alien language ;-))

maybahay said...

dhanggit, this looks absolutely divine. i am crazy for north african food at the moment. i've been cooking but just no time to post. i try to squeeze in some time for a peep on my favourite blogs, though, yours being one of them :-)

Peter M said...

A Morrocan would surely eat this tagine!

maybelles mom said...

I love North African food. I found this as I am preparing to a Passover Seder in the North African style. Great blog.

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

Beautiful tagine!