Monday, February 25, 2008

Strawberry sushi crepe with minty chocolate sauce

Green tea infused Strawberry Carpaccio in Crepe Rolls with choco-wasabi paste and chocolate minty sauce

When my baby cry you would think she's the daughter of Luciano Pavarotti. Her capacity to keep high notes could fairly pass for a soprano soloist in any audition for opera. I couldn't blame her for I nourished her with my singing prowess during pregnancy. :-) It is the reason why, everytime I succeeded in making her sleep it is such a great relief for me (and probably for our neighbors too) and I do all the precautions to keep it that way. Sometimes I even unplug the phone to avoid waking her up from the noise of the incoming calls.

Unfortunately that day I was too late. The phone rang. Definitely it woke her up. I was torn between, answering the phone (probably scold that person at the same time) and taking my baby from her crib. Since I was angry I opted to pick up the phone. It was my husband. My anger transformed into worries because It's unusual for him to make calls at this hour. Then he blurted out the reason of his call, was to ask me if I would accept living back again in Japan for 2 or three years. Apparently there was a proposition for an expat job in Japan. Wow! Definitely I said yes. I love Japan and terribly miss my friends back there.A short stint there will be a great idea I thought.

That day I got so excited with this news that I saw everything already in Japanese color.

Strawberry Sushi Crepe with spicy chocolate paste and minty chocolate sauce

Sushi Crepe
250 g of flour
half a liter of milk
3 tbsps of oil
2 tbsps of sugar
a pinch of salt
3 eggs

In a bowl mix the egg with all dry ingredients. Add the oil. Eventually add little by little the milk. Continue mixing until the mixture becomes homegenous. Let it stand for a minimum of one hour. Cook over very hot crepe pan. Dust icing sugar over each crepe and roll delicately. Cut the uneven edges of the two sides. Eventually cut regular sizes for each rolled crepe. Then set aside.

Strawberry carpaccio in Mint and green tea infusion
250 g of strawberry
5 tbsps of hot water
1 tsp of green tea
8-10 leaves of mint leaves
2 tbsp of honey

Slice each strawberry lengthwise. In a small bowl mix the hot water with the green tea powder, honey and sliced fresh mint leaves. Pour over this mixture over the strawberry and let it infuse for minimum of 30 minutes. Insert the starwberry carpaccio in your sushi crepe.

Choco spicy paste
50 g of bitter dark chocolate
1 tsp of chili powder
1 tbsp of cold water

In bain marie melt the chocolate then add the chili powder. Turn of the heat then add one tablespoon of cold water this will make your thicken your chocolate mixture. Prepare this last as this have the tendency to harden when temperature is too cold.

Chocolate minty sauce
50 g of mint chocolate
2 tbsps of fresh cream

Melt the mint chocolate in bain marie and add slowly the fresh cream. Mixed continously until the mixture becomes liquid. Serve hot.

Dunk it here...


Catherine Wilkinson said...

Oh, what exciting news for you!!! As long as you KEEP BLOGGING from Japan! This recipe shouts your's beautiful, vibrant, and so original! How do you think of these marvels???

Joy said...

What a brilliant idea! It looks amazingly delicious.

Happy cook said...

Looks so delicious. I've no trouble to dink it there :-)

K & S said...

love love your sushi!

chriesi said...

mmm must be really delicious...

Jo. said...

Very decadent. Fantastic.

linda said...

Very creative and very pretty! So you didn't make the wasabi choco paste?

Gloria said...

Dhanggit that is so beautiful!!! you make the things so beauty!! and the pictures are really nice. I find wonderful!!! Gloria

Gloria said...

Well Dhanggit I hope all of us go to Japan with you!!! me the first so you go with your lovely Blog, so we go to Japan!!! So lovely!!! Gloria

Cinnamonda said...

Oh, these are real cuties! What a great idea! I'm especially intriqued by the strawberry carpaccio in mint and green tea infusion. Shall keep it in mind for the strawberry season.


Melanie said...

I am always, always amazed at your incredible recipes and fascinatingly beautiful pictures! You are in a league of your own - amazing talent!

And good luck with your exciting move...

Sidney said...

Are those recipes own creations?
Sound so yummy but never encountered sushi crepe in my whole life !

Wow! Back to Japan ! Lucky you. I am fascinated by Japan.

ilingc said...

Strawberry, green tea and chocolate. I'm in heaven!

That's fantastic new Dhanggit. I love Japan and would love to live there for a bit. Which part of Japan will you be returning to?

Time to polish your nihongo Dhanggit san :D

Oh for the love of food! said...

Hey Dhanggit, these crepes are just gorgeous, just the thing I'd love for breakfast. I'm just curious where you find the time to blog so often, create so many goodies and look after a baby!
And i haven't yet come across a Philipino that can't belt out an awesome tune - it's in your blood! I love that you've put up your picture too, it makes your blog all the more personal! ;o)

Mango Power Girl said...

That is one beautiful and clever presentation. And, of course the combination of flavors would be a hit in my circle ;) The last shot is so great, it's pulling me...have fun in Japan!

oggi said...

I can feel your excitement in moving back to Japan with this exquisite sushi!
I love bitter chocolate and the addition of chili powder or wasabi sounds something I will enjoy. I'll definitely try this soon.:)

Brilynn said...

That is quite the concoction, well done!

Manggy said...

Excellent, unique presentation Dhanggit! No doubt I will be ripping you off soon, hahaha :) Kidding :)

Big Boys Oven said...

oh this is a winner! so lovely and so creative and yet so simple! I love it!

Emiline said...

How creative! You don't see this everyday.
I don't know if you mentioned this before, but...I think you have culinary training under your belt.

This is exciting news! Both places are wonderful, I'm sure.

Rosie said...

Sweet Dhanggit what exciting news WOW!!

You are so very creative and this has to be a winner for sure! All those wonderful combos and it looks amazing :D

Rosie x

Little Corner of Mine said...

WOW! Really love your presentation!

maybahay said...

gorgeous as usual. you seem like such a fun person, knowing how to take inspiration from virtually anything.
thanks for visiting and leaving a note for me. yes, we're still ok, though time-poor. every free minute is spent on the kids so blogging is stil in the back burner.
enjoy your impending vacation and preparing for the move to japan.

Kevin said...

Strawberry sushi crepes area great idea. Nice photos!

Suzana said...

Dhanggit, that's wonderful news! I'm yet to know Japan - oh one day!! The beautiful strawberry sushi crepes look rather delicious.

Best of lucks for this new stage of your life!

aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Really cute idea - me likey!

Peter M said...

Those are original, pretty and would be a knock-out at a party...bravo!

tigerfish said...

Does that mean you are moving to Japan soon?

Love your sushi crepe. I think they are best for chocolate fondue. I wld dip these crepe sushi in chocolate for sure.

Cakelaw said...

These look devine - and I adore chocolate and mint.

Susan said...

Another adventure! When are you leaving for Japan, Dhanggit?

Dessert sushi is a fantastic idea to celebrate the news. Very pretty and creative.

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Beautiful :)

Dr.Gray said...

Where did you get the green tea powder that you used? Would something like this work - latte matcha?