Fruit Minestrone: savouring a refreshing soup dessert

A healthful dose of Fruit Minestrone

Who doesn't love strawberries? Who doesn't love basil?

And do you know that blending these two together will make you love them even more? I know that my cravings for strawberries and basils arrived too early for their season. But the moment I come across the recipe of this wonderful soup dessert on the Serge Hermes dessert cookbook, I got so thrilled. I have been hearing already so much praises on combining strawberry and basil among French gourmet magazines but I know this time I really need to taste it myself. I would admit that I knew very little about Pierre Hermé but my brother-in-law (lawyer by profession and an amateur gourmet just like me) introduced me to this awesome world renowned French chef that is really talented. Last Christmas they offered me his latest collection of recipes dedicated for sweet-tooth.

Don't ask me how I succeeded in procuring strawberries and basils but I tell you it was worth all my effort. Thanks Alex and Cecille for this delicious gift!!
Fruit Minestrone

for Apricot syrup:
40 cl of water
70 g of sugar
zest of one lime
1 tsp of vanilla
15 cl of apricot juice
7 leaves of fresh basil

ministrone fruits:
12 pcs of strawberries
1 banana
1/2 ripe mango
1 kiwi

Start by preparing the apricot syrup. In a casserole mix all the ingredients except the fresh basil leaves. Cover and wait until it boils. Turn off the stove and transfer the syrup in a bowl and let it cool down. Add the thinly sliced basil leaves in the syrup and let it infused for at least 30 minutes. During those time, wash and dry the fruits. Peel the mango, banana and kiwi. Take off the green part of the strawberries. Cut all the fruits in dice of about 3cm. Put them in a bowl, cover and keep in the fridge. Dress each soup plate with the mixed fruits and put about 1-2 ladle of apricot syrup. You can serve this soup with some lemon sorbet as suggested by the recipe.

Strawberry fields forever......


Rosie said...

This is SO fresh and what a great way to serve fruit :) I really am impressed with this creation :)

Rosie x

linda said...

Looks very appetizing! Only ever tried basil with nectarine, was good as well.

Kevin said...

A fruit minestrone sounds like a great idea! It really looks good.

Manggy said...

I love this! As you know there's no apricot juice here but I think this would work well with peach or mango (?) juice!

Emiline said...

Let me take you down, cause I'm going to...

Beautiful! I love basil. I think it would go nicely with fruit. I think basil is my favorite herb. Or rosemary.

I hate cilantro, though.

Wandering Chopsticks said...

In the middle of winter, this looks heavenly. I wonder how a strawberry and basil bruschetta would taste?

tigerfish said...

Fruit minestrone, my first time hearing this and minetrone is already enticing enough.

Gloria said...

Dhanggit Is lovely!!! I love fruits a lot, I like it!!! xxxxGloria (I put some pictures of my childs if you want to look at Blog)

JMom said...

my daughters and I were just saying we can't wait until strawberry season and we have basil in the garden again. This will be perfect! We're all looking forward to refreshing dishes like this one again.

Sylvia said...

Dangghit this is lovely and refreshing dessert I just love it

Kate / Kajal said...

Wow i've never made fruit minestrone before. I know for sure i'll be making these. Really , i now for sure this would be a big hit around my place. It looks perfect . I must thank you or bringing this to me :D

Sagari said...

WOWWWW thats the yummiest dessert in the world

haze said...

Thanks for this Hilda, I will make this savorous and colorful dessert to my invited guests especially for my PIL, they love fruits ! Very healthy dessert! Finally, I met you in person...the cooking, sewer, designer blogger, how's that :D ? Take care and we should see more often ;) !

Dhanggit said...

Rosie, oh I’m glad you liked it 

Linda, I think I will try your version..sounds lovely too!!

Kevin, thanks

Manggy, I think mango juice would be a perfect substitute for apricot juice but peach juice would also sound great..try and tell me 

Emilyne, hahaha , me too I love basil it goes well with savory and sweet dishes very well. I love rosemary too, I tried it one time with apples and i twas great. I rarely use cilantro too strong for my palate 

Wandering chopsticks, Aw I like that idea!!

Tigerfish, hahaha

Gloria, really that’s great I’ll go check it out!

Jmom, you are lucky to have basil in your garden all year round.;really practical for recipes like this

Sylvia, coming from you I’m deeply touched

Kate, I’m really glad you liked it too

Sagari, yummiest and healthy too 

Haze, the feeling is mutual I’m so glad to see you in person..I’m glad you liked the recipe I cooked for you. I had so much fun..i hope this won’t be the last time

Happy cook said...

Hi hi i made veggie minestrone and wht do i see here when i come here you've fruit ....
Very refreshing

ilingc said...

Ahh your fruit minestrone sounds very refreshing. What a great idea. I'm going to give it a try the next time we have a last minute dinner guests :)

Megan said...

This is tagged for when I can get my hands on some fresh strawberrys. O-baby!!